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Dandelion Day

November 7, 2011

I found myself walking in a field of fuzzy white dandelions today.  Taking a short break from work to soak up the last of the fall sun, I noticed the tiny white puffs and immediately felt happy.  To some they might be weeds, but to me they will always remind me of carefree, sunshine days.  Of walking through cool green grass barefoot to find just the right one to make a wish on.  Of being young and hopeful; and believing that wish would come true.  Of watching that big puff burst apart into tiny pieces with your breath and then happily drift away in the breeze.  Instead of making a wish today, I snapped this photo and left them for the next wisher.  To all of the dreamers out there…close your eyes and make a wish!


    • Carroll Vane says:

      Hi Kelli,
      You were nice enough to give me your card Saturday at the Jazz Festival. You were taking shots of the Gates-Chili HS Jazz Band. I was hoping that you had the chance to post some of the photos to your website. My son was the tall Tenor sax player, with the black sax, siting on the far left of the stage, taking solos in all 4 songs. Thank you again for the card. I really enjoyed going through some of your portfolio.
      Best regards,

      • admin says:

        Hi Carroll,

        I would be happy to get a photo of your son over to you. Can you give me an email address to reach you at?

        It was lovely meeting you at the festival!

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