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The First and Fleeting Year : Rochester, NY Children’s Photography

May 30, 2010

New life brings with it amazement and wonder. When a child enters our world our lives are changed immediately and evermore. Everything is new and each step is more incredible than the last. The first time they lock eyes with you and you know you’ve connected in some unspoken but important way.  The first time you know they’re responding to you with those adorable coos that echo your own.  The miraculous first smiles and first steps. All too soon those precious months have come and gone and we’re left with distant memories of that first and fleeting year. We hold those images in our mind of what they were like when we first met them; and all the little things they did along the way as they grew into unique little people. We don’t get that time back, but we do get to preserve those important memories in pictures.

Here is Jenna’s first year in a few pictures I selected from the 4 photo sessions we had together in that time.  I’m honored Jenna’s parents trusted such an important task to me. She’s grown so much and I just can’t believe how quickly the year has gone by.






Smiles & sunshine!
-km (rochester, ny children’s photographer)


    • Jessica K. says:

      Absloutely adorable!

    • Catherine says:

      Where can I get information on getting sessions for the first year? I'd love to have you take some of my daughter!

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